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Haley Geller is a Wardrobe, Prop and Food Stylist and Interior Designer in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles.

Haley is from Berkeley, California and has lived in Los Angeles, Oakland, Boston, Sweden, and Australia. College took her to the East Coast where she played both soccer and lacrosse for Wellesley College. After graduation her mother (who is also a stylist!) and her started Furbish, a home staging and interior design company. After a couple years styling with Furbish, Haley left to become a freelance Wardrobe, Prop and Food Stylist. 

Haley's love of design and aesthetics is prevalent in all her work, from food to fashion. Her passion, charisma, and work ethic have granted her access to some of the most talented professionals in the world of commercial advertising. Haley has worked on campaigns all throughout the USA and internationally.  

Clients include:

Amazon, Apple, Banana Republic, Charles Krug Winery, Color, Costco, Facebook, Faribault, Febreeze, Google, Grubhub, HP, Kessler Hotels, Leap Frog, Levi's, McDonald's, Men's Warehouse, Mondavi Vineyards, NEMA Apartments, Newport Beach Tourism, Paramount Pictures, Parenting Magazine, Pottery Barn, S3Productions, Salesforce, Shutterfly, Siemens, Square, Starkey, Starsong, Tile, Torrid, Uber, Ulta Beauty, United Airlines, Visa, Vionic, Vivo, Volvo, Walmart, Warriors Basketball, Wells Fargo, Westin Hotels, Williams-Sonoma, Whole Foods, Zuppa.

Photographers include:

Alexander Zoltai, Aubrie Pick, Carlos Serrao, Cisco Rivera, Cliff Traiman, Dan Winters, Douglas Adesko, Doug Menuez, Doug Rosa, Enrique Malfavon, Eric Wolfinger, Erik Almas, Erik Altman, Eva Kolenko, Helena Price, Joe Seif, John Flury, Lincoln Else, Marc Fiorito, Michael Woolsey, Miki Duisterhof, Nagi Saki, Oscar Hyltbring, Ronny Knight, Sara Remington, Sasha Gulish, Sharif Hamza, Stephanie Rausser, Theo Wenner, Weber Shih, Wynn Ruji.

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